OEM Contactless Smart Card Readers

Arcontia's platform of OEM contactless smart card readers are designed for a variety of embedded solutions within ticketing and payment, supporting the latest global standards in contactless smart card technology, including Calypso, iCLASS, MIFARE, ISO 14443 A/B, EMV contactless and ISO 18092 (NFC). Our readers can be integrated and customized to specific applications and markets, including ticketing vending machines, validators, turnstile gates, parking meters and mobile devices.

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Contactless Smart Card Readers

Combining design and functionality, our line of ISO 14443 A/B smart card readers are designed to be used in tough environments with quality you can count on. Arcontia’s smart card readers are intended for ticket validation, travel card reload and contactless payments, supporting a wide range of contactless standards, including the entire MIFARE family. Today, we offer both standard and customized readers for simple plug and play.

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Contactless Smart Card Terminals

From light validators to more complex add value machines, we offer a wide range of e-ticketing terminals that focus on fast data transfer speeds, high reading performance and user-friendly interfaces. Our terminals meet the latest requirements in contactless technology, including Sony FeliCa, NXP Mifare ® family, Smart MX and Calypso. Whether you are looking for an onboard solution or a platform solution, we provide you with a selection of validators, pick-up devices and add value machines that can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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